With all my services I give lots of love and attention to your pet.

Here are my prices for my services:

Dog Walk – Daily

  • $20  Fifteen minutes (15 min)
  • $35 One-Half Hour (30 min)
  • $45 One Hour (60 min)
  • $5 added per additional dog
  • $8 added for weekend walks (Sat. and Sun.)

Daily Visits

  • Cats – $35 – 35 Minutes: Litter box maintenance, feeding, fresh water, play time
  • Cats $45 –  60 minutes  Deluxe visit includes the above plus extra play time
  • Dogs -$35 – 30 Minutes: Walk, feeding, fresh water, play time.
  • $5.00 added for additional animal in home and additional $5.00 for weekends

Overnight weekday (At Dog Owner’s Home Only)

  • $70* Roughly 9 hours: includes evening/morning potty break

24 hour in home care

  • $175 – In your home.

Transportation to vet appointments

  • $25 an hour

*holiday rates- $ 8.00 extra a visit

  • Now offering canine massage and cold laser treatments. I am now certified in canine massage and cold laser and have a brand new state of the art 3b cold laser. Treatments are 30 minutes, a combination of laser acupuncture,laser spot treatment and massage. Treatments start with a gentle massage to help relax the patient while I can then easily pinpoint their unique acupressure points to apply the laser. The actual laser treatments last for 15 to 20 minutes starting with acupressure points and then the laser is directly applied to their unique problems. Cold laser has proven benefits with many different issues regarding the health of our animals. It encourages muscle, tissue repair, decreases inflammation, reduces pain and quickens wound healing. Cold laser is non invasive, painless, fast and a true benefit for our animals. It also makes a huge difference with dogs that have any joint issues to include dyspepsia, osteoarthritis and arthritis that especially affects our senior animals.Treatments are $65.00 and house calls are made.
    If you live within my travel distance there is no additional charge, if you live outside that there is a small transportation fee.
    * travel distance is 10 miles
    *transportation fee is $15.00