Jennifer has been taking care of our 4 dogs for the past 2 years. Her care is amazing,we love her and so do our animals. Our Labrador Biskit was 12 years old at the time and suffering from a bad case osteoarthritis, we had him on arthritis medications and all of a sudden the 100lb big guy went down and was unable to stand on his own. We were thinking it was the end and were devastated, Jennifer asked to take him to another vet and give her a week, she was convinced he would get up again. We told her do whatever it takes and she did. She switched vets, changed his medications and put him on a diet to quickly take some weight off. She started taking him to a heated pool to swim ( it was more like floating with a life vest on) and started with alternative treatments as well. It was a miracle, by the 3rd day he was up and he has been going strong ever since and just had his 13th birthday. He swims twice a week to keep him mobile and he looks great,,,the supplements she has him on shine his coat like glass to boot. Thanks Jennifer!!!